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Giuseppe Chiari, Score, 1985
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Portrait of Angelica, by Thomas Robson

Richard Wentworth. Yellow Eight 1985
Collection of the tate gallery
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1. From the book “Ruinenbau” by Wilhelm Moser
2. Strike: To Roberta and Rudy, 1969-71 by Richard Serra
3. Delineator, 1974-75 by Richard Serra

How often as I lay there I used to think what uninspired decorations
sheets and pillow cases make. It wasn’t until I
was about twenty that I realized that they actually
served a practical purpose, and this revelation of
human dullness stirred dark depression in me.

Osamu Dazai; excerpt from ‘No longer human’.

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Tim LeeGoldberg Variations, 2007
A fly committed suicide on my ceiling, suspended from a solemn thread of spider silk.
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Jackson Patterson 

Heidi Kirkpatrick, Mother, 2001
Heidi Kirkpatrick | Panopticon Gallery
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